#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

Like most people, you want to make a difference AND be part of a community while doing it. You want to BELONG. We might even go as far and say we NEED to belong.

Can you recall a time when you DIDN’T belong? Maybe someone told you directly, “You don’t belong here,” or maybe things were said and done in a way to make you feel unwanted.

Like you DIDN’T belong.

If you are fortunate enough to not have had such an experience then image what it would be like for someone to treat you like you DON’T belong.

As leaders, managers, and peers we are either conveying “YOU BELONG HERE” or you “DON’T BELONG HERE.”

#WisdomWed Tips
– Take time to communicate belonging to someone
– If you are NOT in a place where you truly BELONG take action and do something about it.