strategy vs tactic

#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B. 

Imagine, you are leading a large group of people to a new city. You climb up a tree to get a better of the terrain ahead.

From up here, you see the open fields, waterways, and the mountain range ahead. You determine there are at least two routes that will get you and your followers to your destination.

#1. Go straight over the mountain. This will be and intense climb and may be difficult for a few of the people following you.
#2. Go around the mountain. This will extend the trip by several days.

Afterward, you climb down from the tree and inform your team of what you saw and the options available. After some discussion and a little debate. Everyone weighs in and you make a decision.

You will be going over the mountain!

As you and your team worked through the pros and cons of each option you were developing a STRATEGY.

A strategy is a plan. Strategies are brief, concise and convey how you are going to accomplish the goal.

Strategic planning is best done from an objective perspective. Which is why you were in a tree and why you discussed the options with your team.

Now let’s turn to TACTICS.

With the decision made now, your team begins to prepare everyone for a 2-day hike over the mountain. Your team begins to:

  • Shift heavier packs to the strongest people
  • Remove excess supplies to reduce the weight
  • Collect food and water to last the 2-day journey

Tactics are the specific actions taken to fulfill a strategic plan. Best determined on the ground; they are specific responses to challenges faced while executing a strategy.