#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

We all have opinions and perspectives about our work and life. When given the chance we are happy to share and even DECLARE them to the world!!

This week we distinguish between the two and challenge you to Mind Your P’s & O’s
Opinions while not a bad thing can limit our ability to work with others. That is because they carry a subjective sense of judgment or preference, “I like”, “I think”, “you should…”

This multiplies VERY quickly with someone who has an opinion on every issue.

As leaders, we often need to weigh in on many difficult subjects and issues. Opinions matter as they provide the necessary clarity and direction people need.

Perspectives, on the other hand, are objective. They show ownership and independence of thought, yet they don’t carry the judgment of good right vs wrong.

We each have our own particular point of view. We see things in a certain way, have privy to information, or a different set of priorities. These are all good things.

Unlike opinions, no one can argue with your point of view and it does not need a defense. Not everyone will see the same thing you see but together we can see a much bigger picture.

It is through the multiplicity of perspectives that we find innovated solutions.