#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

To be a marked as a ’micro-manager’ can be TABOO in today’s’ marketplace.So, what is micro-management?

It is when the manager controls specific details of a project.

The alternative is macro-management. This is when the manager focuses on the big picture and gives flexibility and freedom to their team.

Both macro and micro management have a place in a manager’s toolkit.

In today’s workplace micro-management is particularly seen as negative. This is because it usually signals insecurity or a lack of trust from the manager.


Micro-management is not always a poor method. Especially, when time and/or money present an urgent issue.

This is when micro-management allows the manager to take control and manage the remaining resources quickly.

Macro-management is the preferred style for day-to-day operations. It gives managers the ability to look at the big picture and allows team members to sort through the details.

Are you effective with both of these management styles?

#WisdomWed Tips

1. Recognize both styles have their benefits and weaknesses.
2. Communicate openly when you need to take a ‘micro’ approach.
3. Raise your awareness on which management style you tend to adopt.