#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

Anyone who works with plants knows pruning is a healthy practice.

Pruning is the practice of removing the things that are dead or dying so that resources can be dedicated to what is growing. When we think of pruning we think of plants and vineyards but this principle applies to much more.

In life and at work pruning is hard and often avoided. The last thing anyone wants to do is cut someone out. Which is completely understandable. In fact, we often promote people (aka ‘peter principle’) rather than dealing with them in a healthy way.

The key to pruning requires the ability to be completely objective as well as honest with oneself. Accepting reality for what it is rather than creating a narrative that masks it.

Often we fail to see is that pruning is healthy. Effective leaders understand and practice this both in life and in business.

Where can you do some pruning?