#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

What is the one thing that can derail any plan for change? What is the one thing that, if not overcome, will guarantee failure? What is the one thing we face every day as leaders and entrepreneurs?


Yes, doubt is possibly the #1 challenge to achieve change, to lead, to setting a new course.

When doubt means our beliefs and our convictions are compromised. The end is now questionable. As a result, our decisions are no longer made with confidence.

People love confidence. We love knowing this will work. We thrive on consistency and predictability. When it’s lacking we hesitate to follow.

So, how do we overcome doubt?

We act. We keep moving forward. Avoid slowing down. Be smart, not slow.

ACTION is by far the best antidote to doubt.

What if Thomas Edison allowed doubt to get in the way of the light bulb?
What if Abraham Lincoln allowed doubt to cloud his decisions regarding slavery?
What if YOU allowed doubt to keep you from …?

#WisWed Tips:

  • Write down your desired goal, intention, dream. What you are aiming for.
  • Place it conspicuously
  • Read it, Read it, Read it.