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Join the Coaching Team

At C2C, we’ve created a platform where experienced, highly accredited, Certified Coaches are paired with the right clients in a truly collaborative environment, to connect and support their personal and professional growth. Coaches all have different methodologies, specialties and qualifications – and how we coach is as varied as who we are.  C2C provides opportunities for clients to experience your specific areas of expertise. You will be supported with a wide variety of methods to showcase your specialties across a range of social media transmissions.

Our Coach Match System™ gives you access to the most suitable clients for your areas of expertise, enabling you to expand your business exponentially.  This unique system of matching clients to your skill sets ensures that your client success and conversion rate is optimized.

By joining the C2C Coaching team, the clients you are matched with are ready to take action and make the changes they desire in their life. C2C is an exclusive members only event-driven community, where we help you grow your business. By networking with fellow professional coaches, it also helps you to attract more clients and in certain cases, pay it forward.

Coaching Benefits:
  • Access to a more diversified client base
  • Gain exposure to new clients globally
  • Referral opportunities for new clients
  • Gain traffic to your blog posts
  • Social media exposure
  • Access to C2C’s online marketing team
  • Expand your professional network
  • Ability to join C2C mastermind groups and connect with your peers

We look forward to welcoming you to our team, so contact us now and let’s set up a time to find out how we can collaborate!