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Leisa P , MBA

Business Strategist and Money Coach Sedona, AZ USA


“Defy limitations, Inspire Possibilities”

Leisa is a life coach for entrepreneurs.  She combines her skills as a certified financial planner with over 20 years in personal finance and the entrepreneurial experience of being a self-made millionaire.  Mixed in with years of studying mindfulness, meditation and other techniques designed to help highly motivated, successful entrepreneurs reconnect to their passions and remove their obstacles so they can achieve even greater levels of freedom, prosperity and peace in their business and personal lives.

Leisa has significant experience in helping people with earning, saving and investing money combined with her own 20+ years as an entrepreneur. She knew these skills combined together could serve to help others achieve their goals and dreams.

Leisa offers business strategy coaching that includes a comprehensive re-view of one’s existing business – broken down into financial, market-ing/sales, operations, technology, distribution, execution/project management and personal fulfillment segments. Once completed she helps her clients create a priority based 90 day plan of action to bring their goals into reality so they can achieve things like increasing their profitability, time and effectiveness in the very near term.

“Leisa  has done amazing things for my life and my happiness. She not only has assisted in giving me the foundation to create wealth and abundance in my career, but she has also provided me with the tools, knowledge and mindfulness to experience life in a peaceful, flowing and joyous way. It is almost impossible to articulate the incredible impact of Leisa’s guidance in a few short sentences. The manner in which we approach each day, each choice, each situation, each person, each belief, our money and ourselves can be shifted to produce magnificent results. I have been a part of her Power Up Your Wealth and Wealth Group Programs as well as her Mindful Wealth Mastery private coaching. Each program provided the gateway to a new and everlasting approach to lead a fully abundant life.”
Karen Norris, Founder and President, Business Opportunity Brokers


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