We Recommend


Vicki Salemi, Media & Public Relations Strategist 

Vicki has been in the media for two decades and works with ventures to catapult their expertise and brand, teaching them how to craft their message, tell their story, speak in sound bites to gain credibility, build visibility and ultimately boost their reach.



 Pia Silva, Media & Brand Strategist 

Pia helps small service businesses identify their badassery, and build a badass brand to match. Her partner company has a unique approach: their two-step process means that they build entire brands from strategy through the logo, copy, and website in 1-3 day intensives.



Michael Roderick, The Ultimate Networker

Michael is a founder, speaker, and connector. He works with thought leaders to curate, extend, and leverage their existing networks for the purpose of getting higher paid engagements, speaking opportunities, and interviews. Michael and I co-hosted a networking webinar that gave coaches tools to make attending events effortless, meetings meaningful, and referrals relevant.



Cheryl Binnie, Strategic Copywriter. 

Cheryl is a copywriter & writing coach for entrepreneurs with personal brands. She helps small business owners find their unique voices and messages, and shows them how to write their websites, newsletters, blogs, and sales material – with big picture strategy & a focus on building relationships + inspiring action. She is a great resource for Connect 2 Coach, see how she can help your business.



Eric Sharpe & Digital Marketer. 

Eric works in tech and design background. After graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a Degree in Advertising, he built a business that brought in over 6 figures sales for 3 years. Eric has worked with over 400+ companies, supporting busy entrepreneurs with technology and launching their products and services successfully online. If you want lead generation and to dominate your presence online, Eric and his team are here to help.