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Rob F

Creative Coach, Business coach New York, New York, USA


“Focus your creative ideas, then you can make money with your talents.”

As a business and creativity coach, Rob helps right-brain people succeed in a rational, left-brain business landscape. Using his innovative and humorous approach to the challenges faced by small and creative companies, Rob has helped dozens of entrepreneurs create, sell and win in today’s marketplace.

As a coach, Rob works with creatives as well as undiscovered creatives, both in the art and business world, helping individuals to bring out their passion and do their best work, whether that be in the studio, on the stage, or in the boardroom.

Rob is an internationally recognized writer. He serves his clients and audiences by drawing on nearly 10 years of creative design and greeting card industry experience as well as his former career in theater, and has been certified to coach by the Creativity Coaching Association.

Some of Rob’s Brilliance!!
L- Launch with purpose (what’s your reason behind your business)
A- Amplify your actions (develop a plan and do the work consistently)
S- Skyrocket sales (determine your target audience, learn to be comfortable selling)
E- Energize your money (investing in your business vs spending)
R- Radiate confidence (being responsible for your actions, being ready to make bold choices).


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