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Small Business Consultant Brooklyn, NY USA


 “Building Your Business Through Story”

When small businesses are looking for advice on how to become better managed, better known and become more profitable, they often turn to Small Business Management Consulting (SBMC).  Principal Alan brings his 15 years’ experience of getting measurable results for small businesses by helping them tell their business story better.   Knowing how you do what you do is important, but it won’t matter if you cannot convey its value to prospective customers. You must tell an story that they understand and one that says you understand them.  Alan specializes in building  businesses by creating powerful and compelling stories for his clients.

Whether they are a commercial real estate practice, a printing company, a hardware store, fashion designer, acupuncturist, psychologist, landscape designer, time management specialist, videographer, restaurant owner, sound designer, and others, Alan has been able to re-position and refine their brand so they attract new customers and increase their revenue.

To successfully grow a business, messaging and marketing are crucial; equally important is having a viable business model where pricing and packaging can make all the difference.  With his MBA in Entrepreneurship and an MFA in Performing Arts Management, he has the tools and training  to bring the best business practices to businesses who often do not get this type of assistance.

Getting business owners to accept new ways to solve their business issues takes patience and an approach that acknowledges their years of business management.  Alan is a Professor in Business at NYU and a professional Facilitator through his work in the FastTrac Program administered by the NYC Department of Small Business Services.  This experience gives him the training and credibility to teach new concepts and encourage new behaviors that can be of great value to small business owners.

For many small business owners, their business is truly their baby and they often are wary about sharing its weaknesses.  Alan has compassion and respect for all entrepreneurs; his many and diverse clients are testament to the care and professionalism he brings to all of them.

“I had been sitting on an idea to expand my practice for too long, feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Alan has been instrumental in helping me envision the big picture while simultaneously breaking things down to manageable steps along the way. Alan is also a talented copywriter, and his skills in this area have been invaluable for promotional ads and the script for a webinar he helped me create. Alan’s wisdom, encouragement, and guidance have been exactly what I’ve needed to move forward with my goals.” Jeff Fine, LCSW, MS, NSCA-CPT
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