Productivity & Organization
Photo of Susan B

Susan B

Sales Coach, Business Growth Coach

Susan is the ‘Make-Six-Figures Work-from-Home’Susan Bio Image Coach – passionate about helping women entrepreneurs who are serious about building their home-based direct sales businesses to the six-figure mark and beyond.

After leaving her dead-end corporate job in 2001, Susan has spent the last 15 years setting and accomplishing her business goals – each one bigger and better than the last – starting with running her own direct sales business in the cosmetics industry and earning cars and international recognition for her successes in sales and recruitment, and eventually running a multi-million-dollar company and sharing the stage with Bob Proctor.…

Photo of Rob F

Rob F

Creative Coach, Business coach

“Focus your creative ideas, then you can make money with your talents.”

As a business and creativity coach, Rob helps right-brain people succeed in a rational, left-brain business landscape. Using his innovative and humorous approach to the challenges faced by small and creative companies, Rob has helped dozens of entrepreneurs create, sell and win in today’s marketplace.…

Photo of Fayna L

Fayna L

Business Leadership Coach

“Grow yourself up!”
With experience in various continents and industries, I am used to work in a multicultural and demanding work environment. I have been a professional Coach while also being the CEO of a consulting firm for the past 9 years.
My work as a business coach has been focusing on how to be more self-aware in the business arena, and therefore have a better organization, communication, and strategy.…

Photo of Alan S

Alan S

Small Business Consultant

 “Building Your Business Through Story”

When small businesses are looking for advice on how to become better managed, better known and become more profitable, they often turn to Small Business Management Consulting (SBMC).  Principal Alan brings his 15 years’ experience of getting measurable results for small businesses by helping them tell their business story better.   …

Photo of Nancy S

Nancy S

Business Productivity, ADHD Coach

“You don’t have to be ADD to feel like it these days!”

Nancy helps her clients develop sustainable time management and planning skills and systems while providing the accountability required to stay focused and effective in today’s fast paced world of information overload and distraction. She is passionate about helping them find the relief, reward and confidence that comes from managing and handling everything they have to do with more ease and less stress!…