Life Purpose & Retirement
Photo of Amy B

Amy B

Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach

Amy is a Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach. She works with clients on life coaching and career coaching issues and entrepreneurs. Those who are stuck in their life, need guidance and someone to help them facilitate a process so he/she can create new thinking and habits and in general, a new life.…

Photo of Melissa C LCSW

Melissa C LCSW

Millennials, Anxiety and Transitions Coach

“Explore the future, Achieve your potential.”

Melissa is a licensed clinical social worker, independent educational consultant, certified professional coach and Amazon bestselling author of ParentKnowledgy – A (Simple) Guide to Surviving Your Teen. She has been in practice for more than 20 years and is dedicated to helping individuals find their own identity while managing their need for independence.…

Photo of Laurie L

Laurie L

Empowerment Coach, EQMentor Coach, Retirement Coach

Laurie’s philosophy: Coaching is life-changing business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it.

In addition to being a Certified Points of You Trainer, Laurie is a Certified Empowerment Coach, a Professional Credentialed Coach, a Certified EQ Mentor, a Mentor Coach for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), Past President of the Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in New York City, She facilitated workshops at the 15th International ICF Conference in Texas, the 2012 Metro DC ICF Conference, and Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA.…

Photo of Sunny M

Sunny M

Divorce and Life Purpose Coach

“You are on this earth for a reason.  Let me help you discover what you came here to do.”

Once upon a time, I had a life that looked perfect on paper.  I was an attorney at a great firm; I was married to a wildly successful Erin Brockovich-style attorney; we had everything I had ever dreamed of. …

Photo of Deborah R

Deborah R

Life and Career Transition Coach, Relationship Coach, and Interfaith Minister

“We create work that you love, and love that works” 

Deborah is a Life & Career Transition Coach, Relationship Coach, and Interfaith Minister who’s been coaching, training and teaching for almost 40 years. Nowadays, she works primarily with overwhelmed, under-nurtured women (and a few good men!), guiding them through all kinds of life and career transitions so that they can transform their lives and make a lasting difference in the world.…

Photo of Sarina T

Sarina T


Sarina is the founder of Courageous & Remarkable Self (C&R Self). Sarina is a professionally trained coach through Coach U, an accredited program of International Coach Federation (ICF). As a graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 and Level 2, Sarina is also a certified meditation practitioner and workshop leader.

As part of her coaching approach, she calls upon her corporate knowledge and experience as an HR Business Partner (over 15 years of experience in employee relations, training, coaching, performance management, talent development), to guide her students and clients to embrace the next level in their career, relationships, passions, adventures, and well-being.…