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Mindy G-P

Eating Psychology Coach New York, New York, USA


Wouldn’t you love to know that you can transform your relationship with food from one mired in fear and confusion to one that is joyous, loving and free?


Mindy brings 20 years of nutritional counseling experience as a Board Certified Health Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Nutrition Consultant. She specializes in issues relating to her client’s relationship with food, emotional and compulsive eating, chronic dieting, and binge eating disorder and digestive health. With additional trainings in digestive health and functional nutrition and transformational coaching, she subtly introduces clients to how physiology meets psychology. Her philosophy is to empathetically empower my clients to make nourishing lifestyle and nutritional choices as they learn to connect to the healthy wisdom of their bodies.

Mindy received Board Certification in Holistic Health Coaching from AADP, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners after completing the certification program at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Two years later she was certified as an Eating Psychology Coach from the Institute for The Psychology of Eating. That wasn’t enough as her desire is to know the whole story behind her clients’ weight management and food relationship issues so she went further to study with Andrea Nakahama at Holistic Nutrition Lab where she was studied Digestive Health and Functional Nutrition.

Mindy has combined her extensive life experience, including strong recovery, with her training to create a system of strategies that teach it’s choice, not willpower that will create sustainable results, empowering her clients to transform and recover their bodies, their health and their lives. She is the author of The Freedom Promise: 7 Steps To Stop Fearing What Food Will Do TO You and Start Embracing What It Can Do FOR You (Balboa Press).

I first met Mindy years ago when searching out a nutritionist to help me lose weight. It was a success! Today, to call Mindy simply my nutritionist wouldn’t seem significant enough to do her justice. It is a fact that through the years, Mindy has been an awesome nutritionist, well educated in her field, offering a wide range of knowledge from physiological to emotional support. To say the least, she is helpful, inspiring and dedicated to her clients but to really pinpoint why Mindy stands out above the rest; it is her integrity, love for and belief in what she does. Influencing positive change in the lives of her clients is truly important to her and she goes above and beyond to make that difference. I am grateful to have met Mindy, for the knowledge and support that she has supplied.” – M.D., Author


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