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Barb M

Holistic Health Coach New York


“Take your Health Back from Big food and Big Pharma!”

You experience symptoms and people are telling you it’s just part of getting older. Maybe you’re taking medication and you’re wondering whether there is more you can do. You want to know why you are feeling this way and the doctor isn’t giving you any answers. And you’re ready to explore what you can do to feel better…..

I help my clients identify the root cause of their symptoms through dietary and lifestyle changes. With just a few simple tweaks they are able to rid themselves of brain fog, stomach bloat, fatigue and feel good in their body again – something they haven’t felt in years.

“I am in the healing profession and have spent my entire career helping others achieve optimal health. I THOUGHT I was eating a healthy diet, yet struggled with inflammatory pain and weight issues. I participated in the 21 day detox program and felt great as I moved through Barb’s well guided program. After the detox, I felt I could benefit from additional coaching, so as not to slip back to my “old ways”. I wanted to make some lasting changes in my relationship with food, so I signed on for a 12 week program. I found her to be a great coach in that she was encouraging, supportive, professional and patient as I progressed through the process of taking charge of my nutritional health. I continue on my journey, and feel that I now have a healthier relationship with food, a better understanding of MY body nutritional needs and a certainty that I am living a nutritionally healthier life! Thanks Barb!”— Dr. L


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