Health & Wellness
Photo of Jill A-H

Jill A-H

Thyroid Health Coach

“Only when our body is convinced that the war is over, can health and healing can occur.

Jill is a Thyroid Health + Lifestyle Expert and Certified Transformational Coach. She specializes in teaching women with thyroid and hormonal imbalance how to get their sexy back so that they can live a juicy, delicious life.

Photo of Mindy G-P

Mindy G-P

Eating Psychology Coach

Wouldn’t you love to know that you can transform your relationship with food from one mired in fear and confusion to one that is joyous, loving and free?


Mindy brings 20 years of nutritional counseling experience as a Board Certified Health Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Nutrition Consultant.…

Photo of Barb M

Barb M

Holistic Health Coach

“Take your Health Back from Big food and Big Pharma!”

You experience symptoms and people are telling you it’s just part of getting older. Maybe you’re taking medication and you’re wondering whether there is more you can do. You want to know why you are feeling this way and the doctor isn’t giving you any answers.…

Photo of Katherine M

Katherine M

Menopause & Holistic Health Coach

“Fuel the life YOU love and feel confident in your skin again.”

My Mission Is to Support Women. I work with successful high-powered women who want to operate at peak performance and enjoy life without burning out. I help them access the energy and vitality they need to be creative, innovative, and live life fully. …