#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

Everyone can be a leader. Not everyone will be, but everyone can be. That includes you.

All too often we look at leadership as one broad stroke. The word ‘leader’ and verb ‘to lead’ are used ubiquitously but rarely in a way that distinguishes the type of leadership in question. We can break leadership down into four seats from which we lead.

Four Seats of Leadership
1. The First Chair Leader – Holds capital ‘V’ Vision
2. The Second Chair Leader – Executes capital ‘V’, holds ‘v’ vision
3. The Peer Leader – Implements, manages and champions both ‘V’ and ‘v’ visions

4. The Personal Leader – Holds capital ‘V’ vision for one’s own life

Each seat has a dramatically different role and set of responsibilities and yet each seat offers the opportunity to lead.

#WisdomWed Tip: In order to lead from #1-3 you must first lead from #4

Written by Greg, our Performance and Executive Coach: Book your free 15-minute laser coaching session with Greg Here