Executive & Leadership
Photo of David B

David B

Leadership development, Team Building, and Transition Coach

“Transforming Executives in Leaders”
David is one of those rare coaches who has actually run a global team and p & l. He has consistently been able to maximize organizational results while maintaining exemplary employee engagement scores. His expertise in assessment, behavior change, and team building enables him to quickly identify strategies for improving performance while enhancing the balance of work and life.…

Photo of John B

John B

Executive Leadership Coach

“We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

John focuses on helping people discover their unconscious limiting beliefs and to break through those beliefs allowing them to master the law of attraction and to live the life they truly deserve.

Having coached for 25 years internationally in over 100 countries in 100 business sectors around the globe, John understands what it takes to work with top level executives and fortune 500 companies.…

Photo of Greg B.

Greg B.

Executive and Leadership Coach

 “Gain Clarity | Take Action | Attain Results” 

Greg W. Ballard, ACC, CPC is a results-oriented executive leadership coach committed to helping leaders and teams access their complete potential. His clients gain insight and awareness into how they show up at any given moment.…

Photo of Fayna L

Fayna L

Business Leadership Coach

“Grow yourself up!”
With experience in various continents and industries, I am used to work in a multicultural and demanding work environment. I have been a professional Coach while also being the CEO of a consulting firm for the past 9 years.
My work as a business coach has been focusing on how to be more self-aware in the business arena, and therefore have a better organization, communication, and strategy.…

Photo of Elizabeth M

Elizabeth M

Leadership & Executive Coach

“Resilience is an essential element in life and leadership.” After a short stint in M&A at Morgan Stanley in NYC, I went to law school then started my career as a litigator in New Mexico. Upon moving back to NY, I worked as an executive recruiter of financial advisors for 16 years.…

Photo of Kathy M

Kathy M

Executive Coach, EI and Neuroscience, Human Performance Coach

“Leadership is not just what you do – it’s how you think”

We help leaders think better, engage better and improve performance.

Kathy offers an adaptable approach to meet your needs.  She looks at how you can use findings from brain science, neuroplasticity research, mind-body medicine and emotional intelligence in your life and work. …

Photo of Dr. Celeste R

Dr. Celeste R

Cross-Cultural Executive Coach

“Transitions are challenging. Moving to a new city or embarking on a new career, though exciting, can be stressful. Developing a clear vision of your goals and making a specific plan of action are essential steps to create the life you want.”

I work with executives from the international and expat community who want to do focused, goal-oriented work as it relates to their professional life.…

Photo of Susanne S

Susanne S

Executive coach, Trainer & Consultant

“Helping women get their next promotion and build successful careers they love.”

Susanne Stover is an Executive Coach, Trainer, and Consultant. She helps smart successful professionals get their next promotion and build successful careers they love through her coaching and training programs. She also consults with companies on women advancement programs and on CFO related projects.…