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Photo of Mitch H

Mitch H

Sales Coach

Mitch Harris, aka “The Samurai Of Sales,” is highly regarded as one of the top performance and turnaround experts in the sales and marketing industries today.

He is a master at helping both individual entrepreneurs as well as performance driven organizations from many different industries to achieve drastically improved results, in a very short period of time.…

Photo of Mary J

Mary J

Entrepreneur Coach, Marketing Coach

At every age, even after 50, you have unlimited possibilities to design the career that you will love for the rest of your life.”

Mary’s mission is to help women 50+ see and believe that they have unlimited possibilities to create the careers and lives that they want for as long as they want.…

Photo of Fayna L

Fayna L

Business Leadership Coach

“Grow yourself up!”
With experience in various continents and industries, I am used to work in a multicultural and demanding work environment. I have been a professional Coach while also being the CEO of a consulting firm for the past 9 years.
My work as a business coach has been focusing on how to be more self-aware in the business arena, and therefore have a better organization, communication, and strategy.…

Photo of Laurie L

Laurie L

Empowerment Coach, EQMentor Coach, Retirement Coach

Laurie’s philosophy: Coaching is life-changing business but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it.

In addition to being a Certified Points of You Trainer, Laurie is a Certified Empowerment Coach, a Professional Credentialed Coach, a Certified EQ Mentor, a Mentor Coach for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), Past President of the Board of the International Coach Federation (ICF) in New York City, She facilitated workshops at the 15th International ICF Conference in Texas, the 2012 Metro DC ICF Conference, and Goddard Space Flight Center at NASA.…

Photo of Barb M

Barb M

Holistic Health Coach

“Take your Health Back from Big food and Big Pharma!”

You experience symptoms and people are telling you it’s just part of getting older. Maybe you’re taking medication and you’re wondering whether there is more you can do. You want to know why you are feeling this way and the doctor isn’t giving you any answers.…

Photo of Elizabeth M

Elizabeth M

Leadership & Executive Coach

“Resilience is an essential element in life and leadership.” After a short stint in M&A at Morgan Stanley in NYC, I went to law school then started my career as a litigator in New Mexico. Upon moving back to NY, I worked as an executive recruiter of financial advisors for 16 years.…

Photo of Jeanene M

Jeanene M

Relationship Coach and Intuitive Healer

“A Spiritual Approach to Coaching”

My mission is to support passionate women strengthen their personal vision and voice. Through a variety of spiritual aides as well as traditional coaching services that are a part of every single session, I will unlock the potential of self-healing within every client. It truly is an honor and a joy to help every woman succeed in finding her magic!…

Photo of Katherine M

Katherine M

Menopause & Holistic Health Coach

“Fuel the life YOU love and feel confident in your skin again.”

My Mission Is to Support Women. I work with successful high-powered women who want to operate at peak performance and enjoy life without burning out. I help them access the energy and vitality they need to be creative, innovative, and live life fully. …

Photo of Kathy M

Kathy M

Executive Coach, EI and Neuroscience, Human Performance Coach

“Leadership is not just what you do – it’s how you think”

We help leaders think better, engage better and improve performance.

Kathy offers an adaptable approach to meet your needs.  She looks at how you can use findings from brain science, neuroplasticity research, mind-body medicine and emotional intelligence in your life and work. …

Photo of Mark M

Mark M

Career Strategist Coach

“By using my proactive job search strategies, I will chart your course to success, and land you in the job you’ve always wanted!”

Mark specializes in elevating a persons career. Mark created a variety of strategies unique to any career level that guides clients through the transition, to a career they truly want.…

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