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Divorce and Life Purpose Coach San Diego, California
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“You are on this earth for a reason.  Let me help you discover what you came here to do.”

Once upon a time, I had a life that looked perfect on paper.  I was an attorney at a great firm; I was married to a wildly successful Erin Brockovich-style attorney; we had everything I had ever dreamed of.  Deep inside, however, I knew I was not living my right life. I knew I was meant for something more.  Through coaching, I learned how to connect with and follow my own inner wisdom to find my true calling.  I am now honored to help others discover their “something more.”

Sunny  is a lawyer-turned-life coach and host of the radio show “Sunny in Seattle.”  Prior to becoming a coach, Sunny practiced law in Austin, Texas as an associate attorney with the large regional law firm of Jackson Walker L.L.P.  In 2010, after discovering the work of Dr. Martha Beck, a New York Times bestselling author and internationally acclaimed life coach, Sunny left Texas and the practice of law. She completed her life coach training and subsequent certification through Dr. Martha Beck’s program.  She is currently in Martha Beck’s Master Coach Training Program.


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