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Nancy S

Business Productivity, ADHD Coach Certified Coach CPC, PCCNew York, New York, USA


“You don’t have to be ADD to feel like it these days!”

Nancy helps her clients develop sustainable time management and planning skills and systems while providing the accountability required to stay focused and effective in today’s fast paced world of information overload and distraction. She is passionate about helping them find the relief, reward and confidence that comes from managing and handling everything they have to do with more ease and less stress! Once a client starts working with Nancy they immediately feel more in control because they experience themselves finding more time in the day while successfully tackling everything that has to get done!

Nancy is a trained, certified, ICF credentialed coach with an undergraduate degree in psychology; working for over twelve years with successful business professionals who are either ADHD or just often feel like they are. As an ADHD adult herself, she understands the challenges and has discovered how to live in the solutions. Prior to founding her own business coaching and consulting company in 2003, she worked corporately for over twenty years in broadcasting sales, marketing and media buying which included mentoring, training and new business development.

Most importantly, her specialization and comprehensive expertise in the field of Adult ADHD uniquely qualifies her to work with those who are inundated with information and the overwhelm that is decreasing their ability to be as productive and profitable as they are capable of being. Nancy has worked with clients from companies that include the New York Times, Goldman Sachs and Sapient Corporation.

“Working with Nancy has been life changing. She is so skilled in the way she communicates with me to keep on track not only in our conversations but in my workflow. For someone like me who is a creative person and a business owner, there are many challenges. Nancy breaks it down with me, holds my hand and gently guides me to success! I now have systems and procedures in place that I never had before. I am forever grateful”!   Alyssa Polcek-Peek, NYC Photographer for Women


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