#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

Would you buy peanut butter only to leave it in the jar? Maybe you would or maybe that is a crazy idea to you.

Another question, would you ever take the time and energy to learn something and never to apply it?

What I have found, both in myself and others, is that we often execute far below our knowledge and understanding.

We KNOW and UNDERSTAND far more than we APPLY.

A few examples:

– What do you know about time management principles?
– What do you know about leading others?
– What do you know about your industry?

Now, very quickly rate how you apply what you know for each. (1-10)

Looks like there is some peanut butter left in that jar…

#WisdomWed Tips

  • Identify one principle or behavior that you know you could/should incorporate into your work/life?
  • Write down three or more positive outcomes from applying this knowledge
  • Acknowledge what specifically holds your back
  • Create a clear plan incorporate this one piece of knowledge