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Kathy M

Executive Coach, EI and Neuroscience, Human Performance Coach New York, NY


“Leadership is not just what you do – it’s how you think”

We help leaders think better, engage better and improve performance.

Kathy offers an adaptable approach to meet your needs.  She looks at how you can use findings from brain science, neuroplasticity research, mind-body medicine and emotional intelligence in your life and work. These solutions are based on current science and research and therefore easily gain buy-in at the executive level. Our modules and customized solutions can be delivered alone or integrated into your current leadership programs to update existing intellectual property with current science and research to make your good program even better.

Since 1997 Kathy has worked with top fortune 500 companies utilizing techniques from contemporary neuroscience and emotional intelligence, she helps her clients define their challenges and works either one-on-one or with her team to create successful and achievable solutions.

Kathy has held several executive and senior management positions including a division of with a News Corporation for eight years and as a Regional Director at The Institute for Health and Human Potential, an emotional intelligence based training company, VP, Right Management Consultants, Director for North America for The Neuroleadership Institute and SVP for MHI Global.

Kathy brings a deep knowledge and passion for how the brain impacts human performance.  She holds certifications in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Neuroleadership. She is a certified in meditation and as a yoga teacher

“I found Kathy Meehan’s presentation enlightening and extremely valuable in my quest to develop stronger leadership skills. The neuroscience approach to leadership is a fascinating departure from traditional training models. I sincerely appreciated the science, but was equally pleased that it was presented in such a way as to be understandable and highly relevant.” — Joanne MacPhee, Executive Director

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