Career Development
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Amy B

Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach New York, NY, USA


Amy is a Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach. She works with clients on life coaching and career coaching issues and entrepreneurs. Those who are stuck in their life, need guidance and someone to help them facilitate a process so he/she can create new thinking and habits and in general, a new life. She also works with career coaching clients who have been laid off from their job, looking for a career change or who want to make modifications in their current job.

Client Testimonial
“Coaching with Amy is a catalytic experience! Her compassionate listening and positive guidance help you create strategies for manifesting a life that is uniquely yours. Amy is able to intuitively sense and intelligently identify the obstacles and opportunities in your path. Through her sessions she empowers and supports you to take the necessary steps for change and growth!” -V.S., Pilates Instructor


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