My name is Elizabeth Foster. I’ve become known as ‘The Collaboration Queen!’ and people have been asking me so many questions about my background and Connect 2 Coach – I thought it would be best to share my answers so you can get to know me and what we are doing here…

“Why did you start Connect 2 Coach” – “The answer is simple… I was a coach for 10 years I saw the transformations in peoples lives and realized the powerful impact of having someone who had your back, who offered support, who accepted shortcomings and gave unconditional insights into situations, who taught ‘how to’ in a way that stuck, who held accountability so goals were met… I could go on but I’m sure you get the message…

“But why did you choose New York to start C2C?”In a word SYNCHRONICITY! For me that meant the ‘stars aligned’ that ‘everything fell into place’ again you get where I’m going with this… My Entrepreneur Visa requirements meant that my continuing to be a coach wasn’t an option, but what it did mean was that because of my entrepreneurial creativity I was actually able to make a difference to thousands more people than I was in UK and still be authentic.”

 “What is Connect 2 Coach all about?”TRANSFORMATION! – Connect 2 Coach was born out of a desire to make a difference, a need to support the coaching industry and a vision for something way bigger than me! C2C is the place where Coaches and Clients meet. C2C is the place where people can find an expert, vetted, qualified coach they can trust. C2C is the place where Coaches gain greater visibility and their wisdom and knowledge can be heard by people wanting change in their lives.”

 “What did you do before you became a coach?”I had a company which made Aromatherapy Cushions, I started it on my living room floor and within 2 years I had sold it into every major high street retailer in the UK and had a turnover of over £1million I got divorced and stepped out of the company in 2005 and trained to be a coach! I was coaching until 2015 when I arrived in NYC and set up C2C

“What is the plan for Connect 2 Coach?” “We are set to become the Gold Standard for Coaches. We only take on expert coaches who have been in business for a minimum of 3 years so they have great experience. Our Coaches are professionals they are committed to their clients. Our Coaches are certified they’ve had great training! 

“Why is Transformation and making a difference in the world so important to you?”“I am a Founding Member of ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders Europe) a community set up by Jack Canfield so he could connect with his peers, other transformational leaders. ATL Europe is filled with the biggest movers and shakers in the transformational world – I was honored to be asked to join but in doing so I needed to prove that I was making a serious impact in the world C2C is my way of making a difference in the world. The ripple effect of C2C is vast and significant.”

“So what do you do for Coaches?”“Having been a Coach for 10 years I know what it takes be become successful. I know that most Coaches just want to get on and Coach, they don’t want to get involved in the Social Media, Marketing etc. What Coaches need is help connecting with clients so that everyone can be more successful and can do their part in making the world a better place. Connect 2 Coach has programs which make those connections happen!”

“So why are you so passionate about coaching?”“Athletes would never get to the Olympics without having one or more coaches – it’s impossible! It’s proven that Coaching is the key to unlocking success whether that was in business, professional or personal lives, relationships, health etc. I know the power of having a coach is immense and the R.O.I. is well worth it. I’m passionate about everybody reaching their potential, living a happy and fulfilled life I know Coaching can deliver that!